Takahashi  TOA 130F


This is a closeup of the imaging train: the TOA/FS Reducer - the Percision Parts Custom Adapter- the 8300 OAG -

 The spacer (instead of the filter wheel) - the 8300 color camera.

The Precision Parts adapter mates the focal reducers 72 mm threads to STL plate on the front of the 8300 OAG.  Using the optional STL front plate allows a larger area for the pick off mirror.  
The 4 inch focuser of the TOA allows full use of all the abilities of the 8300 OAG.  
The 10:1 Fine focus adjuster really makes viewing easy and the Clutch mechanism of the Moonlight digital motor focus is also very nice.  
With the CCA rotation of the camera is easy.

The entire image train is very solid.