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Images below are from KPPSP in March 2016    


The Horsehead Nebula is a cold, dark cloud of gas and dust, silhouetted against the bright nebula IC 434  
NGC 2237, 2238, 2239 and 2246 - The Rosette Nebula  
M51 or NGC 5194  
M65, M66, and NGC 3628 in Leo is from left, NGC 3628 The Hamburger, M65 at top right, and M66 below  
The Pinwheel Galaxy (also known as Messier 101, M101 or NGC 5457)  
  The Antennae Galaxies, also known as NGC 4038/NGC 4039  
  The Cone Nebula is a famous nebula in the Orion Arm surrounding the NGC 2264 star cluster  


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