The camera was the Apogee 8300 Mono with Optec IFW wheel using  red/green/blue/lum filters. The scope is a Takahashi 130F at f/5.3  on Astro Physics 1200 mount.

The Guide camera is the SBig STi.  Maxium DL  is the acqusition, guiding, plate solving, charting, focusing and  processing  software .
NGC 5139

Omega Centauri

The Sombrero Galaxy

also known as NGC 2437

with Planetary NGC 2438  in the foreground.

NGC 2264

The "Cone" Nebula
NGC 4038 and 4039

The Mice or the Antenna Galaxies

One of Arp's Peculiar Galaxies
IC 2177

The Seagull Nebula