January 2019 Images
Taken at Kissimmee Pararie Preserve State Park
Okeechobee, Fl.
  The camera was the Apogee 8300 Mono with
Optec IFW wheel using  red/green/blue/lum filters.
The scope is a Takahashi 130F on Astro Physics 1200 mount.
The Guide camera is the SBig STi
  The intergration times for each image was pretty much standardized at 15 frames of Luminance for 300 seconds each.
5 Dark and 5 Bias frames.
Red, Green and Blue filters binned 2x2 at 7 frames of 200 seconds each.
The camera was running -30 degrees C.
  IImage accusition , guiding, plate solving and focus are all handled by Maxim DL 6  
 IC 410 and Tad Poles  

IC 405 (Flaming Star)  
Witchhead (IC2118)

Horeshead Nebula
 (B33) or IC433

Thor's Helmet  
The Crab nebula (M1)  

The Rosette Nebula