Cargo Trailer conversion . Now a home away from home,  to do a little astronomy .


Here I am set up at KPPSP.  The astronomy pads have water and electric available. Rest rooms and the bath house are maybe 200 yards away.


Empty inside view. The cabinets, refrigerator, counter top and microwave are built into the space forward of the side door.

Shorter Cabinets would have been a better choice but I had these in the garage from our kitchen remodel.


Shorter cabinets would have given more space on top of the counter.  Still it is workable.

With a hole cut into the floor, I can route my usb cable in and sit at the counter with my laptop.

But only when its cold, and for those of us here in Florida thats about 50 degrees F.



The big metal door can be a hassel.

Screen door made up to keep out the bugs and make it easier to go in and out . 




The plywood base works pretty well for sleeping. Add a twin mattress to lay on and sleeping is real comfortable.

The small table on the wall in front of the bed folds down and the bed is used for the seat. Great for eating and laptop use.

The Plywood bed base folds up against the wall to allow equipment to load into the trailer. The  ATS tripod is light enough to pick up and set in the trailer in one piece.



6000 BTU A/C makes sleeping GREAT.

This trailer is a 6' x 12 ' single axle.  My previous travel trailer had more amenities but was 8' x 24'

This setup is easier to tow. It is 6'3'' tall inside, that is enough for me to move around and not have clearence issues. 

Now, with the cargo trailer, I can leave the mount and scopes inside the trailer and save my back for the next viewing session.








A More up to date photo March 2016 shows a roll up awning and tarp sunshade and the portable observatory addition. (SKY TENT)

Additional Photos of the Campsite. 2018